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Adaptive LED industrial transformation and development of green lighting utilities

Innovation is the soul of national progress, is the impetus for national prosperity. Advanced LED lighting is green light, bring light to mankind, and the Gospel. According to the national development and Reform Commission issued the "China out incandescent light road map" in 2012, China began to disable the incandescent, LED the country invested 40 billion yuan purchase, 30% financial subsidies to enterprises. This is a year of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting key. Expert predicts that by 2015 the LED lighting market share in China will reach 20%, led industry scale of 500 billion yuan. From the perspective of international industrial development, LED industry in China has become the world LED the main force, at present, the global lighting market LED lighting 10% is expected in 2015 of the Chinese lighting market to the global market 18.3% market amounts to nearly US $20 billion, LED lighting market in China is a fast-growing trend.

China LED industry development faced with good of opportunities, a is national continued increased on LED lighting of support efforts; II is China is a huge of LED lighting market, itself of market needs for industry development provides has broad space; three is LED lighting technology constantly mature improve, and international of technology narrowed; four is green economic became future world economic development of main trend, and LED lighting became main of green industry; five is LED lighting diversified development has became trend, Changed the development of the single market needs, technologies and scientific and technological content in step increase; six LED lighting business ideas and business model transformation, vertical marketing coming to us, business started, looking forward to the business model of the turn.