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Double end connection compatible local magnetic ballast

In most of situation our led tube can compatible magnetic ballast .    

But if the ballast are not big brand or already used many years ,the ballast quality will have depreciation ,the magnetic ballast function will not strong as before .when ballast can not control the inside electronic current 

Magnetic ballast working principle is to use 

high voltage and high electronic current to active the original starter to light up the fluorescent tube ,so ballast are no use for led tube ,but will damage led tube if ballast are not good quality.


So If only remove starter but compatible magnetic ballast .Problem ballast will continuously active high voltage and electronic current to led tube lead to led driver too much heat 

then led tube will have problem.

We still recommend remove local ballast and restarter when replace fluorescent tubes.

double end led tube compatible ballast.png

Correct installation as following :

double end replacement installation.png

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