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Emergency tri-proof led linear integrated design

Emergency tri-proof led linear solution from

1.10W 2 hours running without electricity 

2.Super brightness 120LM/W 

3.Tri-proof design ,IP65 Waterproof ,dustproof and anti-corrosion

4.>180 degree illuminating bean angle 

5.Long life span and 5 Years warranty 

6.Support one by one lamp connection installation 

Strong led driver ,Controller and Lithium battery put inside the lamp

Emergency battery pack specification as following: 

1、Emergency power supply (Fission)60W LED lamp emergency output 12W 3hours      

Types of  lamps :60W LED  light  Inverter: DF168-30H     

Input:AC100-280V/50-60HZ  Battery packs: Li-iom battery 12V5000MAH   

Output:DC20-60V or customised  Battery Size: 240*38*38mm,0.4kg   

Inverter Size :168*38*28mm; 200g  Packing details: 31*25*13cm    

Our tri-proof led linear are integrated design 

battery, controller, led pcba, led driver are put inside the lamp.


2、Emergency lighting parameters    Product schematic diagram    

Emergency power:  12 ±1W       

Charging Time ≥20hours      

Emergency time  ≥180min      

Conversion efficiency  ≥80%      

Power factor ≥90%      

Emergency switch time  ≤ 1S      

Lighting system  : continuous       

The service life:20000 Hours      

Temperature range : 一10-十60℃      

Humidity range   65%±20%       


3、The installation and operation instruction       

Accordance with writing diagram to connect the circuit in strict. The following lines are connected to each port:      

1—— connect Live Wire L+ LED external driver live wire input. This line can set a wall switch S. 

The wall switch only controls the main power, no function on emergency lighting.      

2—— connect the neutral wire N+LED external driver neutral wire input      

3——connect  LED external driver’s output positive       

4—— connect external driver’s output negative      

5——light source’s  negative      

6——light source’s  positive       



1.Emergency power supply can not no-load, whether it is testing emergency lighting function or testing the inverter charging function, 

must be process under load light source     

2.Main power line: Live wire L and neutral wire N, connect to main power line directly, these two lines are forbidden to connect the switch      

3.Not control by switch S after the light source start emergency lighting      

4.Three-color lamp  indicator:  Green : main power indicator; Red: charging; Yellow: falt; Test: Test Button      

5.At the state of emergency lighting, except to the source lighting, all working indicator lights shall went out.      

6.The environment temperature of  Emergency pack  ranges from minus ten degrees centigrade to 50 degrees centigrade. High-temperature aging test is forbidded.      

7.Frequently test is prohibited . Each test interval is not less than one minute      

8.Digital circuits, self-test function (monthly inspection, annual inspection), fault or automatic alarm function cause by illegal operation.       

9.Any problem, contact the manufacturer pls.      



Emergency movement is the core device which controls the battery charge or discharge and start the

 lighting when under emergency must ensure the wiring is correct. After under normal use, 

need to discharge once every three months for battery conservation and extend the battery life. 

Emergency lighting power installed and put into use, need to regularly check, maintain,

 examine and repair when discover the abnormal condition, or inform the supplier to deal with. 

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