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How to install LED Tri-proof light batten

When we get Tri-proof led light, we need to check the installation enviroment carefully.

Before installing the Tri-proof led light batten lighting fixtures, please read this instruction manual carefully. The lighting fixtures should be installed, connected and tested by a certified installer based on the local regulations. 

Tri-proof led light should always be installed or replaced with care. Please check the local voltage in accordance with the product requirements before using the product. Relamping only can be done when the power is off and the lamp is completely cooled down.

 When a lamp is to be cleaned, make the power off and let it cool down completely.

Clean the fixture with a soft cloth and a standard PH neutral detergent. 

Stainless steel finishing should be maintained regularly. 

Misuse of, or changes to the fixture shall nullify the guarantee.

 Don’t cover the fixtures with flammable materials. 

Exclusively replaced by the manufacturer or his service agent or the similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

 If LED Tri-proof light exist Tri-proof connector, please use the connnector to connect main cable as following.