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Led linear and tri-proof led linear

LED linear tubes and LED Tri-proof Tubes are overlapped to each other in look and application. They are a kind of light bars, mounted either by hanging or wall-mount accessories indoor. Some of them are non-waterproof for normal indoor lighting, others adopts high-resistance fixture, to be waterproof, fire-resist, anti-dust, explosive-proof and anti-strike.

LED linear & triproof tubes are perfect replacement to LED tubes and LED bay lights. Compared to LED tubes, they are not only a light source, but have also the complete fixture for direct installation; with the strong fixture, they can be as powerful as 200W within the same length. Compare to LED high bay and low bay lights, LED tri-proof lights can work in some outdoor occassions, and they give the light in an evenly rectangular shape rather than a circular one. Also, without a critical demand in heat-ventilation, Led linear tubes and tri-proof lights can be more economical in cost compared to high-bay lights.

Our Tri-proof led linear light have Model X, Model S, and Model C for different application.

Model X tri-proof led linear support emergency solutiona and also radar sensor solution.

Model S tri-proof led linear support one by one lamp connection 

Model C tri-proof led linear are supoer slim design suitable for hospital or factory are low installtion part.

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