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LED Street lamp history

As the most respected in the world of next-generation light sources, LED because of their high brightness, low calorie, short-lived, nontoxic, recyclable, and other advantages, is referred to as the 21st century's most promising green lighting.

From 1962 the first red light emitting diode was born, people continue to develop many color such as orange, yellow, green LED, and used a variety of signals, signage, digital display, to the progressive development of small LED display and so on. Solid semiconductor chip as its materials as release excess energy, induced photon emission, yield using semiconductor PN first made LED light source, appeared in in the early 1960 of the 20th century, the 1964 red led the first successful research and development, the yellow LED emerge.

The world's first commercial light emitting diodes (LED) in 1965, made of germanium, which is priced at $45. Shortly afterwards, Monsanto and HP launch the GaAsP LED to materials produced by the commercial. 151m 60~100W incandescent lamps is much lower than the average 1991 four-element epitaxial growth by MOCVD system materials in the industry, develop the high brightness light emitting diode 1994 on GaN substrates developed the first blue light emitting diode 1997 energizes Blu-ray Phosphors, making the first white light LED;2001 year with UV-excitation phosphors to make white light LED.