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Led street light design

The maximum features directional lighting with LED light features power LED almost all equipped with reflectors, and significantly higher efficiency of the reflector lamps reflector efficiency. In addition, the LED luminous efficiency detection includes its own reflector efficiency. LED road lighting should be using directional emission of light character of LED as far as possible, make each LED directly to the light in the lamps illuminated areas of the road, then auxiliary light lamp reflector to achieve a reasonable road lamps integrated with light. It should be said that road lamps to really conform to CJJ45-2006 and CIE31 as well as CIE115 standard illuminance and illuminance uniformity requirements, within the lamp contains three light distribution functions can be better realized. And bring reflectors and have a reasonable amount of light output angle LED itself has a good light distribution function. Lighting, in accordance with the height of street and road design LED installation location and direction of the emitted light can achieve good secondary distribution function. In this type of lamp reflector, only as a secondary means of three light distribution, to ensure better road illumination uniformity.

In the actual design of road lighting, set each LED can be used in the basic premise set direction, each LED by a spherical universal joint fixed on the lamp when the lamps used at the time of exposure to different heights and widths, spherical universal joint can be adjusted by each LED light is to achieve satisfactory results. In determine each a a LED of power, and beam output angle Shi, can according to e (LX) =I (CD)/D (m) 2 (light strong and as degrees distance square is inversely proportional to law), respectively calculation out the LED in basic selected beam output angle Shi should has of power, and can through adjustment the LED of power and LED drive circuit output to each a a LED different of power to makes each a a LED of light output are reached is expected to value. These adjustment measures are specific to the road lamps using LED light source, take full advantage of these features it is possible to meet pavement luminance and illuminance uniformity reduces lighting power density on the premise of, achieve the goal of energy saving.