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LED Tri-proof light fixture

LED Tri-Proof from LEDARTIST is an especially tough LED Tri-proof light fixture. It comes with protection ratings of IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68, and it can resist ammonia, water, dust and other hostile environments which would destroy other lighting products.

Tri-Proof has a high efficacy and colour rendering index, as it is the case with all LED light from ledartist, and it is suitable in butcheries, pigsties and the like, where there are special requirements regarding cleanliness. The high protection rating of the LED Tri-proof light fixture makes it much easier to clean than other light sources not resistant to water and ammonia.

The light, which is akin to daylight, ensures that both animals and humans experience reduced stress, elevated moods and better sleets at night. The LED light furthermore reduces headaches and tiredness in the eyes after a long day of work.

High brightness reach 130lm/w and competitive price.