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Life stock Tri-proof led light batten fixture ammonium-corrosion resistant

Many high humidity areas are require high level Tri-proof led lamp.

Modern stable lighting in livestock production has special demands. High humidity and frequently high levels of dust and ammonia provide challenging conditions for lighting. Stables for life stock should have optimum quality of flicker free light that provides a pleasant color temperature . Our lighting engineers for Tri-proof led light batten fixture ammonium-corrosion resistant has now developed a solution that meets the complete range of requirements for modern stable Tri-proof luminaires cover is made from the thermoplastic resin polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The Tri-proof LED lamp solutions are built to withstand the corrosive vapors from animal excrement and excessive dust accumulation. The ammonia-resistant damp-proof luminaire with special PMMA cover is an innovative solution for the special ambient conditions existing in livestock stables.  Important also an economic decision for managers aiming at maximum energy efficiency.

The Amonium and corrosion proof LED Tri-proof lamps  was developed by our Engineers to provide a lighting solution specifically for livestock stables. Tri-proof led light batten ammonium-corrosion resistant has convincing performance in terms of robustness and longevity. The LED tri-proof light batten  is not only extremely dust-tight and water-proof (with IP66 protection rating) but is also ammonia-resistant and corrosion proof.  150 Lumen per Watt output, Color Rendering Index CRI of above 80 RA. Robust Alumimium and PMMA combined housing. Lighting quality optimized for livestock production.  Color temperature pleasant for animals and a long service life are the convincing decision criteria of the lamps. In practice the luminaire also scores points with simple mounting and cleaning.  Easy Upgrading and replacement of existing lighting (HQL, Halogen etc) systems in livestock stables safes energy and maintenance cost.LEDARTIST LED Tri-proof light batten structure solutions are also perfect  for all kind of applications with a high demand of ammonium and corrosion free resistance, Car Wash Garage and other Industrial Applications.IP66 standard and strictly tested in lab.

IP66 Tri-proof, Dustproof, Anti-corrosion.More information please check

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