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Radar sensor Tri-proof led linear function

Please tell us tri-proof led linear microwave solution functions

Our Radar sensor tri-proof led linear design are popular sale and can help customer save 

energy, functions are as following:

Radar Sensor IP65 Tri-proof Flat LED Tube


√  Microwave control , Detecting the Moving Object intelligently ,  Adjust the working Status Automatically ,     

Low power consumption ( 0% brightness  or 10% brightness for your option  )  in standby status, 

when people or Car approach the detecting area , adjust to full load ( 100% brightness ) automaticlly .


√ Delay time: 35S ( 35's to 3min adjustable), Detection distance: Dia 8 - 10m .


√  Adopt High Lumens SMD2835 LEDs, > 110 lm/W ( 130lm/W series are also available ) .


√ Tri-proof LED fixture for IP65 water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof ;


√ A perfect match and one-stop replacement of traditional IP65 Tri-proof Lighting Fixture + T8 /T5 Florescent Tube directly,  easy installation.


√  With an easy installing bracket, saving your fix time and cost ;'

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