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The obvious advantages of solar street lights

Common Street defects: complex installation procedures, need to lay cables to carry out the excavation of cable trenches, laying pipe and line. Is not a place of buried pipelines, costs will be higher. And for a long period of installation and commissioning, wasted a lot of manpower and financial resources.

Tariffs with price rises, power station also claimed to operating at a loss, but also often to maintain the line.

Embedding security risks, if others in the embedding of local construction, might damage wires, pipelines, easily lead to accidents.

General advantages of lamp: do not suffer the effects of the weather. Anti-no impact on insufficient sunshine. Street lighting costs are relatively lower.

The advantages of solar street light: easy to install, without laying a complex line, just dig a small pit, a cement base with stainless steel screws. Solar street lamps powered by solar into electricity, built virtually zero inputs need only routine maintenance and aging equipment repairs. Purchase costs are comparatively high. But later costs will slowly recover. Solar road lamp service life is longer than the main street.

Solar street light where there is insufficient. Rainy day who can guarantee that lighting, battery life, and so on. But as technology advances, these problems will soon be solved. Solar street light we will gradually replace the mains Street. Road King