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Tri-proof led light IP Rating

LEDARTIST Tri-proof led lights IP Rating The IP (Ingress Protection) rating refers to the level of protection the fitting has against both solids and liquids. The rating begins with IP and is followed by two digits. The first digit in the IP rating refers to the fitting’s protection against solid material, such as dust, dirt or other substances.

 The second digit refers to the fitting’s protection against liquids. The digits in the rating range between 0-6 on the first digit and 0-8 on the second. The higher the digits, the better protected the fitting is. A fitting with an IP68 rating is both dust proof and extremely water tight. Every luminaire in our linear LED Tri-Proof range has an IP rating of at least IP65 or higher, meaning that it is completely dust proof and protected against powerful waterjets or even full immersion into water.

Also high brightness reach 130lm/w Tri-proof led ligths 

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