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What is CRI of led tube and tri-proof led tube

What is CRI? CRI is Color Rendering Index.

It is a measure of how accurately a light source renders actual colors when compared to how daylight (the light from our sun) renders those same colors. The sun scores a perfect 100 in CRI. Incandescents, like halogens, can score in the low 90's. Until relatively recently, Warm White LEDs were lucky to reach 70 CRI. But again, thanks to developing technology, all the Warm White LEDs from Marinebeam score at least 80 with most of our latest generation bulbs scoring more than 85 CRI. This is considered world-class color rendering at the moment. Color rendering is important, especially for boat interiors that have rich wood finishes, and for viewing food or other colorful items. While color temperature and CRI are not necessarily related, the CRI of our Warm White LEDs is much higher than our Cool White LEDs.

We choose SMD2835 25-27LM/LED CRI is >72, 28-30LM/LED 30-32LM/LED CRI>80

Some spcecial application like fresh meat store need CRI>90, High CRI means the light spread 

close to product original light.

Normally indoor office, exibition application require higher CRI, outdoor application CRI>70 is no problem.