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What kind of attention points when we install tri-proof led linear light

Tri-proof led linear light installation


1Please read the user manual carefully before installation our tri-proof led linear light .

2Please install, connect and test the lamp according to local regulations,Lamps should always be installed or replaced with care by professional person. Ensure the power is switched off before installation to avoid danger happened.

3Please check whether the lamps are broken or not during shipping, broken items cannot be used anymore. Please keep the lamps and accessories away from kids to avoid hurt by mistakes.

4For protecting eyes, please do not watch the product surface for a long time when long time running , Do not cover anything on lamp and keep lamps away from fire or high temperature objects to cause danger happen. 

5Incorrect installation and using,ledartist keep the right to refuse after-sales service for those disassembled or repaired items.

6Switch the power off and cool down the lamp before cleaning


7)Please DO NOT install tri-proof batten led linear light in the following places:

1.The place has a large quantity of lampblack and smoke, such as: kitchen and food processing factory etc.

2.The place has a large quantity of chemical corrosive substance, such as: chemical plant and stockyard etc.

3.The place has poor temperature conditions, large-scale temperature variation, which would easily lead to broken and damage the product, the applicable operating temperature is between -20 and 50 degrees.

Temperature Characteristics T-ambient 40°C 

Temperature Operating: -20 ~ +50°C 

Storage: -40 ~ +85°C