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Design Theory Of Fluorescent Tubes

With the advent of LED, lighting design with the advantages of LED in continuous development.

1. lighting: is designed with environmental needs lighting. Scene lighting takes place as a starting point, aiming to create a beautiful, brilliant light, to heighten the effect, enables people to feel the atmosphere of the scene.

2. mood lighting: a person needs to design lamps. Mood lighting is based on people's emotions as the starting point, from the perspective of people to create a kind of mood light. Mood lighting includes four aspects: first, environmental protection and energy saving, and the other is health, three are intelligent, four are humane.

"Mood lighting" is the first leading the LED lighting design trend book, breaking the long monopolized by foreign giants of design theory, makes it easier for LED applications required by the market. Latest mood lighting design ideas contributed to share with you, take this hope more experts and designers to discuss and make recommendations.