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First Domestic Charging And WIFI Lights

Many people know that Dubai has a local "Palm tree", and can be charged as well as WIFI, such utility functions to Otaku shouted, "let this artifact I celestial, I don't! "Recently, Shanghai of dagu road Shang also installation has a similar of" wisdom Street ", it except based of road lighting function outside, also has a key call, and electric charging, function, in screen Shang simple operation Hou, new user with phone sweep II dimension code, download and installation APP Hou, on can will you of car connection in charging pile Shang charging, costs will according to you charging of time calculation, support phone paid, very convenient, and in charging of time within, boring of words also can search to name for" elightNet "The WIFI signal, enter the Internet free Internet passwords, secretly tell you very fast speeds.

Of course, these features "smart lamp" price is not cheap, online leaks, cost as much as 20,000 yuan, and total price around 40,000 yuan after a device is added, like street lamps is possible next year in other areas in Shanghai attractions put on the test, Xiao bian looks forward to national coverage