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LED Floodlight Is Mostly Used For Projecting Illumination

LED Floodlight is a point light that can be evenly illuminated in all directions, its irradiation range can be arbitrarily adjusted, in the scene is shown as a positive eight-body diagram. LED Floodlight is the most widely used in the production of a light source, standard led floodlight used to illuminate the entire scene. Many led floodlight can be used in the scene to produce better results. LED Floodlight is the most widely used in the effect diagram of a light source, in the scene can be used in many led floodlight coordination function to the birth of better results.

LED Floodlight Features:

LED Floodlight is the main feature is that it from a specific point to each direction evenly irradiated objects, use it to analogy bulbs and candles best. LED floodlight can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, LED Flood Light it can be placed outside the camera range or inside an object. It is common to use many different colors of LED floodlight in the range of the scene. These led floodlight can cast shadows and mix them on the model.

LED Floodlight Advantages:

1, LED floodlight is used for projection lighting, LED floodlight lights evenly, four-sided astigmatism, very good refraction billboard side, front, plus LED lights of pure lighting, the effect of the irradiation no dark area.

2, LED Floodlight lamp Shell is the use of PVC modified material, surface temperature ≤40℃ (ambient temperature ta=25℃), which makes it difficult to hot, even in the open situation, the child and the elderly to touch is not easy to burn;

3, incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamps, LED Flood Light when just bought is always a special bright, but long-term use will appear dim, one is because the incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamps are not concentrated, light scattered on the lamp body, resulting in its long-term exposure to high temperature oxidation to black; and one is incandescent filament after long use, the light emitted by blackening darkens. LED Floodlight Light concentrating strong, can be very good to gather the light source, the light distribution technology makes it from point source to surface light source, increase luminous surface; luminous efficiency can be up to LM, LED Flood Light a variety of color temperature can be selected, color index is high, color is good;

4, LED floodlight uses two times package, belongs to the cold light source type, facilitates the transportation and the installment, LED Flood Light may be installed in any miniature and the closed equipment, bears the impact, the Thunder resistance is strong. Furthermore, the use of PVC modified materials, unlike incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamp is the glass shell easily broken. This greatly reduces the cost of the maintenance of LED lights, "once and for All";

5, the concept of environmental protection strong, led floodlight assembly parts can be very easy disassembly, without the manufacturers can be recycled by other people. Does not contain the lead, LED Flood Light the mercury and so on the pollution element, does not have any pollution to the environment;

6, ordinary incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamps in the long-term use of frequent strobe, resulting in eye fatigue. LED Floodlight has no strobe, which eliminates the visual fatigue caused by the traditional light source strobe. No harmful substances such as lead, mercury, UV (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, no traditional tube fragmentation problem, LED Flood Light no harm to the human body.