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Led Fluorescent Tube De Notes

1, the installation:

LED constant current source, you do not need the ballast, the starter. T8 tube for tube is large enough, a constant current source can be installed inside the lamp. So, at the time of installation, bracket in the ballast, the Starter can be removed without, directly install the lamp is OK.

T5, T4LED fluorescent lamps is very small, not put a constant current source, constant current source can only be mounted on the bracket, so when manufacturers do T4\T5, configuration support, bracket equipped with a constant-current source, and the directional lamp installation. Direction backwards, lamp does not light. We are considering adding some conversion circuits, so that even when the lamp is anti-case, lamps can work properly.

2: voltage: geriguang production adaptability of fluorescent lamps although there is a wide range of voltages, AC 85V--AC 245V, can work properly. But the voltage is too high or too low for a long time, will affect the constant current source power factor, which means that will have a slight impact on energy saving effect. , But also will affect the life of constant current source. Thus, the proper voltage to the fluorescent tube. Such as: electricity is 110V, you should use our specially designed for 110 power fluorescent tubes.

3, heat: geriguang production of fluorescent lamps, equipped with aluminum heat sink, under normal conditions, cooling problems. But if a heavily used in dust, dust on a regular basis to prevent dust cover radiator affect cooling.

4, water resistant: LED fluorescent lamp is composed of two parts: the upper aluminum radiator, the lower part is divided into soft cover, had cracks at the connection, so to prevent soot, water vapor from entering. If used in places with heavy smoke, vapor, suggested adding the shield. General hood is OK.

5, shaken: LED fluorescent lamp has a strong vibration. If not violent impact generally do not cause harm. Flexo plate may be affected to a certain degree. Traditional fluorescent lamps, glass, near-vacuum, vibration may cause explosion, in particular, to pay attention to the vibration.