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LED Lighting Industry Standard Was Established

LED lighting standards will help promote LED lighting products into the consumer market: in the past due to the lack of LED lighting standards, lack of unified standards system a set of specification, there is no mandatory testing and certification requirements, based on their own production capacity and therefore less balanced, LED lighting on the market a wide range of products, specifications, and low price low quality products. With the establishment of LED lighting standards, will help to enhance the compatibility and interchangeability of General LED lighting products, standard product inspection, form the pattern of healthy and orderly development, and promoting the product applications and industrial development. The International Commission on illumination light engine, international electrical Commission, the European Commission, the United States energy star, ISA and other agencies in the development of LED lighting standards, with a view to the formation of a global industry standard.

Developed has General formed industry standard specification, domestic also in Active promoted established: in LED specification developed aspects, American is global started first of national, in American Government Guide Xia, American more than lighting and certification institutions joint number years Qian launched has safety, and products life, and optical volume measuring, and power, LED test standard, American Energy Council also has clear specification different specifications LED lamp effect and life, requirements; Japan LED industry development quickly, LED standard of established work not didn't, Japan's four lighting groups in 2006 on the launch of "white light LED lighting measuring standards", and under the auspices of the Japanese Government, and actively promoting the internationalization of standards; Taiwan has enacted 32 LED lighting standards, as LED lighting product design, manufacturing and testing ...