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LED Lights Become The Best Choice For Road Lighting

Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting, the traditional street lamps often used, high-pressure sodium lamp 360 degrees light, light loss caused by the shortcomings of a huge waste of energy. At present, the global environment is deteriorating, and countries are developing clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, China's energy supply and demand has become increasingly prominent, LED Street Light there is a serious shortage of electricity supply situation, energy conservation is an urgent need to solve the problem. Therefore, the development of new and efficient, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental protection, LED lights on urban lighting energy conservation is of great significance.

Road lighting and people's production and life are closely related, with the accelerated process of urbanization in China, LED lights to directional light, low power consumption, drive characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long life, LED Street Light green and other advantages gradually Into the people's vision, to become the world's most alternative to the advantages of traditional light source of a new generation of energy-saving light source, therefore, LED lights will become the best choice for road lighting energy-saving transformation.

In the past, the street is not universal cause people for night travel great inconvenience, night travel rate is very few. However, some street lights this night light, to people's trip to bring a great sense of security, the night is no longer just shady, road lighting to people travel convenience, LED Street Light but also to the night brought warmth. Nowadays, the development of street lamps is flourishing, and street lamps are becoming more and more popular.

As the popularity of street lamps, the requirements for road lighting is also getting higher and higher, in this era of energy conservation and emission reduction, in order to advance with the times, road lighting is also consistent with sustainable development routes, LED Street Light from traditional road lighting to energy saving , LED technology testing and application of energy-saving emission reduction in the road lighting has been shining. In 2009, the state launched the "ten city ten thousand" project so that local governments set off a wave of LED lights test boom. Whether the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", "second five" plan, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry has also launched to speed up industrial restructuring, promote green energy-saving industry development policy, LED Street Light the road lighting as a key investment projects to implement.

LED street light development overview

Road lighting is the first way to ignite the wood, and later gradually developed into oil lamps, gas lamps, arc lamps, carbon wire incandescent, high pressure mercury lamp, the current road lighting for the mainstream of high pressure sodium lamp. Based on the global energy-saving emission reduction policy, some new energy-saving light sources (such as LVD electrodeless lamps and LED lights) has also been gradually applied to road lighting projects, and rapid development. In 1558, the streets of Paris were set up with containers of pine or wood, LED Street Light dark when lit lime or wood lighting. 1667 winter, in some streets to switch to oil lamp 1806 years, the United States Baltimore city streets with gas lights. In 1842, Paris appeared arc lamp, and soon this lamp was applied to the street in 1878, the British J.w. Swan first proposed with carbon filament incandescent. In 1932, the Dutch began to use the low pressure sodium lamp on the street. In 1935, invented a high pressure mercury lamp. In 1965, high pressure sodium lamp came out and used for road lighting. China was the first in 1865 in Shanghai Nanjing Road, the installation of 10 kerosene lamp; 1882 in the Shanghai Bund installed 10 arc lights; 1890 Shanghai began to use incandescent lamps in the street. At present, LED Street Light countries in addition to the road on the road with continuous lighting along the road and in some highways or traffic on the road with a large number of continuous lighting, due to economic efficiency issues, the general road is not used continuous lighting.

Lighting and vision

The driver at night is by virtue of the obstacle and its background as the background of the contrast between the brightness to detect the front of the road there are obstacles. The average brightness of the road surface increases, the necessary brightness of the obstacle is smaller, the obstacle is easy to be found objects, pedestrians and other brightness if darker than the background, the driver can only see their contours, that is, contour identification The The driver in the process of driving, only concerned about the front of pedestrians or obstacles, no need to identify who or what things. So the road as just as the road has a certain brightness, increase the brightness of the object and the road surface, so that the driver can identify people through the contours or things can be. LED Street Light If the brightness of the object than the road brightness, the driver in the dark background can be seen in a bright object, that is, reverse contour identification. On the road diversion traffic island, need to facilitate the driver to identify, so increase its surface brightness, so that it can reverse contour recognition. When the side of the object toward the line of sight brightness is large, the driver can only identify the side of the surface detail. To improve the driver's ability to identify the details, through the road lighting to increase the brightness of the object surface or to change the brightness. City road is the city's arteries, the main lighting for the street lights, to meet the pedestrian, vehicle night action. Garden lights, landscape lights and street lights to form three-dimensional lighting mode, enhance the road decoration effect, beautify the city night, but also make up for the lack of street lighting.