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LEd Street Lights Save Electricity

The use of 60W LED street lamps a year of electricity, only for the use of 250W common high-pressure sodium lamp lamps a year of electricity generated by 20%, greatly saving the cost of electricity, is the ideal energy-saving products, but also conform to the trend of building a conservation-minded society.

LED Street lamp Power is the common high-pressure lamp lamps 1/4, the laying of copper cable required area only 1/3 of ordinary street lamps, saving a lot of laying costs.

Combined with the above two savings, LED Street Light the use of LED street lamps compared to the use of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp lamps, the former can enable owners in one years to recover the initial increase in costs.

The use of LED 60W street lamp can achieve 250W high pressure sodium lamp illuminance, greatly reduced the use of power; LED Street lamp because of its low power, can be combined with wind, solar energy, LED Street Light used in the urban secondary roads.

Compared to the ordinary street lamp, LED street lamp in the use of the process produced by low temperature, continuous use will not produce high temperature, not blackened black lampshade.

At present, the market of cold overcast lights, electrodeless lamps, are through high pressure point to stimulate the X-ray lighting, including harmful metals such as mercury, and hazardous rays; compared with, LED street lamps belong to the safety of Low-voltage products, in the installation and use of the process greatly reduced the safety risks.

Ordinary street lamps contain harmful metals, LED Street Light and the spectrum contains harmful rays. In contrast, led road light spectrum pure, do not contain infra-red and ultraviolet rays, no radiation, will not produce light pollution, and does not contain harmful metals, waste can be recycled, belonging to the typical green environmental lighting products.

The average service life of ordinary street lamp is 12,000 hours, the change of street lamp is not only high cost, but also affect traffic, LED Street Light especially inconvenience in tunnel construction; the average life of LED street lamp is 100,000 hours, 10 hours per day, service life is up to 10 years, once and for all. In addition, LED street lamps waterproof, impact resistance, shockproof are very good, stable quality, in the warranty period is a maintenance-free products.

With the continuous breakthrough of LED (Light-emitting diode) technology and high-power, High-efficiency led development success (high-power LED light source efficiency has reached $number LM), the application of the city's road lighting has become possible. Domestic has developed a successful LED series of street lamp products, LED Street Light and gradually replace the original with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps mainly light source. As the LED light output with a high degree of directional, through the special lighting design, high efficiency 60W LED street lamps can achieve the lighting effect comparable to the 250W high-pressure sodium; 90W led street lighting can be comparable with the 400W high pressure sodium lamp, energy-saving effect is very obvious. The following mainly from the replacement before and after the relevant data, installation and construction, economic benefits, such as the comparison to be specified.