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Led Tube Optional Skills

Choose the right color. If higher LED fluorescent lamp installed can select color temperature a little higher, such as: 6500K--7000K., light color seems a bit too blue. , The LED luminous efficiency is relatively high, though a little harsh, but because higher installed, directly on the eye is very small. If installing low, eyes directly on the opportunity, you should choose the color temperature low, that close to the Sun: the color temperature in 5500K--6000K. Light and soft, eyes feel more comfortable.

Buy LED fluorescent tubes also need to consider the appropriate power. LED fluorescent lamp of the same power consumption, the emitted luminous flux varies, selection of quality alternative to traditional fluorescent lamps for high flux LED fluorescent lamp, can be considered appropriate to install less. Not with traditional fluorescent lamp 1:1 replacement. In this way, more energy-efficient. CITIC Guoan affiliated Zhongshan national torch company, for energy-saving and the protection of the health of workers, the first in the shop chenggeriguang replace all electric production of high quality LED fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamps of 18W, brighter than the original brands of fluorescent energy-saving lamp 40W many workers reaction was too much brightness, and finally removed half, the effect is different from the two traditional fluorescent lamps is very small.