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Production Technology Of LED Lamp

LED tube is also commonly known as LED light tube, LED fluorescent tubes, LED fluorescent lamps, its light source using led as a light-emitting body. The traditional fluorescent tube also known as fluorescent lamp, lamp at both ends of a filament, the lamp tube filled with traces of argon and thin mercury vapor, the tube inside the wall coated with fluorescent powder, two of the gas between the filament emitting ultraviolet rays, so that the phosphor emitting visible light. Because of the heavy metal pollution, "Mercury", LED Tube so that the waste fluorescent tube to the environment pollution is very serious.

LED lamp using light-emitting diode as a source of light, more efficient, more energy-saving, longer service life, and more environmentally friendly. LED Tube Become the most ideal replacement for fluorescent tubes at this stage. LED lamp and the traditional fluorescent lamp outside the size caliber are the same, have T5 tube, T8 tube, T10 tube, length has 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m.

Main production process: Injection molding--Ultrasonic cleaning--Surface hardening coating--the bottom shell injection assembly

LED Tube Advantages

1). extruder Heating temperature Error Range: ±2℃

2. Extruded pipe surface requirements: extruded pipe products (except transparent tube) color uniformity, visual no obvious scraping flowers. LED Tube No obvious stretch marks, transverse circles, no visible light spots

3). Formability: Uniform symmetry, without distortion

4). ① Wall Thickness: The standard ±0 of the pipe wall error. 1mm

② symmetry degree: End face arc symmetry, as shown in Fig, straight line AB is parallel to the horizontal plane, A and B face is called.

③ Tubing straightness: Pipe straightness of at least 1000mm range ensure that A and b two lines are parallel in Figure 2.

④ Pipe Bending degree: The curvature standard 1000mm long, the center bends the distortion quantity is less than 1.5mm.

Methods: The curved position is centered, the convex face up, LED Tube the two ends epitaxy 500mm, the distance between the bending point and the horizontal plane is measured not more than 1.5mm.

⑤ Pipe Twist degree: 1000mm long tube ends face distortion angle less than 5 ℃.

4). Cutting Machine accuracy: ① length requirement range: ±1mm, ② tube end face smooth without burr.

LED lamp specifications, length and power of the following collection and finishing lamp parameter properties to facilitate the vast number of designers understand and use. Specification diameter: Commonly used is T8, T5, T4 lamp, and T10, T12. So, this "T" stands for "YouTube", LED Tube which means that this thing is tubular, the number behind T indicates the diameter of the lamp. Each "T" is 1/8 inches, a inches equals a. 4 mm. So every "T" is a 4÷8=3.175mm, then the diameter of the T8 tube is a. 4mm. The diameter of the T12 tube is (12/8) x25 4=38.1 mm T10 tube diameter is (10/8) x25.4=31.8mm T8 the diameter of the tube is (8/8) x25 4=25.4mm (T8 is just a inches in diameter) T5 the diameter of the tube is (5/8) x25.4=16 mm T4 tube diameter is (4/8) x25.7 mm

Diameter dimensions of other tubes and so on: T3.5 diameter one. 1 mm T2 diameter 6.4 mm

Length and power: Length of T8 lamp (note: Uniform width 39mm, height 52mm) 20w long 620mm; 30w long 926mm; 40w long 1230mm;

Length of T5 lamp (note: Uniform width of the 5mm, height 39mm) 8w long 310mm; 14w long 570mm; 21W long $number. 5mm; 28w long $number. 5mm; 35w long 1475mm;

Length of T4 lamp (note: Uniform width 21mm, height 32mm) 8w long 341mm; 12w long 443mm; 16w long 487mm; 20w long 534mm; 22w long 734mm; 24W long 874mm; 26w long 1025mm; 28w long 1172mm;

T5 and T4, what's the difference between T8? Theoretically, the finer the lamp efficiency is, that is to say the same tile number of luminous more.

In order to save costs, T5, T4 are used in the form of micro-stent sales, is the ballast contained in the micro-space inside the stent, the efficiency and quality of the ballast is generally not good, LED Tube resulting in a very high efficiency of the lamp instead of the conventional T8 tube light, life is also a little discount.