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Solar LED Light Is Soft

Solar energy to our world has brought a lot of resources, I believe some friends on solar energy or will have a certain understanding, and our led lamps are made of solar energy. Solar energy is a new type of environmentally friendly energy, the biggest feature is "inexhaustible." Here to understand some of the introduction of solar led lamps and solar led lamps how to buy.

Introduction of solar led lamps

1, solar energy We all about the surface of the meaning of understanding, not just our led lights is the use of solar energy, there are a lot of some of the equipment is also true Solar LED lights use the battery to store solar energy, and then converted to electricity through the LED lamp to achieve the lighting of the equipment, mainly by the LED lamp, Solar LED Light solar modules, control boxes and other components.

2, we are now generally in the big city roadside, parks, community and other places have used to led lights, led it in the day through the solar energy to receive the battery. In the night can be achieved lighting, it is characterized by environmental protection and energy conservation, safe and pollution-free do not need manual operation and power supply, and can achieve full year lights, Solar LED Light even if it is rainy weather can also provide for the road.

How to buy solar led lamps

1, solar led lights in the selection of it should be done when these points, led lights to choose no glare, because glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting, light some of the soft. Color rendering index of 1000 is generally considered: 80 ~ 100, excellent color rendering; 50 ~ 79, color general: <50, poor color rendering. Should be selected color high index led lighting.

2, if we choose the light of the light on the eyes will feel uncomfortable, then the best choice when you use the shade creamy, such a led lighting issued by the light more gentle. Led lamp beads life, refers to the new light emitted by the luminous flux of 100%, after a period of use, the luminous efficiency of the lamp to decline. When the time to drop to the initial luminous flux of 70% of the time, that is, the led lamp life of the number of hours, Solar LED Light the choice of lamps, of course, the longer the better life hours.