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The Development Trend Of Led Tube

From the current market view, better LED fluorescent lamp tube application development. Judging from home lighting, appropriate lighting needs 10W energy saving lighting products. Fluorescent lamps are mostly 7~15W power, energy-saving fluorescent lamps 20~40W power. If LED set design power of 10W, heat will make us a headache, is also an important factor affecting cost, like bulb structure is obviously not suitable for LED applications. Such as lighting products are unlikely to scale production for civilian use. Fluorescent tube meets the LED heat sink requirements, as well as with existing lighting interface.

Manufacturers from cost considerations, most of the design less than 20W of power LED lamp, from growing 20W LED brightness with the future development of LED lighting requirements, LM 150LM/W is reached, is LED lighting energy-saving glory days! is the way of the future, constant voltage, linear constant current consolidation mode again. Voltage ensure the meet the needs of load in a certain range, LED there are different between Vf 3~3.6V, that according to the actual number for 3V LED to calculate the minimum value, then press 3.6V by quantity to calculate the maximum possible voltage, ultimately determine the voltage of the power supply needs to be adjusted. Back-end constant current linear constant current source, multi-channel constant current source in parallel use, can also increase current uses many constant current source. Front voltage source sampling differential pressure constant current source, voltage adjusting load demands, so as to meet the demand for efficient and flexible drive lines.