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What Led Fluorescent Tubes

LED fluorescent tube is used CREE and AOD Super highlighted LED white as Glow light, shell for acrylic/aluminum (customer defined), main has two species way, a used small power devices, used of LED particles compared more, cost lower, but overall as degrees level low, another a used posted tablets type power devices, used LED particles less, as degrees level high, but on optical design of requirements is high, or distribution control poor, glare light problem serious.

LED fluorescent lamps and traditional fluorescent lamps on the outer dimensions diameter is the same lengths of 60cm and 120cm, 150cm three, respectively, 8W power, 9W, 10W and 12W and 20W, 15W and 16W, 18W traditional fluorescent lamp (ballast) the actual power consumption of about 26W,36W traditional fluorescent lamp (ballast) the actual power consumption of about 45W;LED fluorescent is energy efficient lighting products. LED fluorescent lamps fluorescent lamps family's latest product, also led the final alternative, mainly constituted by white light LED chip module. It has the advantages of long life, no Flash, no radiation, energy saving, environmental protection and so on, has all the advantages of fluorescent lamps in one. 

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